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Cooling Tower Repairs

Florida Cooling Tower Services, Inc. (FL-CTS) has over 20 years combined experience in the cooling tower repair and maintenance industry. We have the experience and expertise to repair any manufacturer design or model of cooling tower including factory - assembled, wood field erected, concrete, and figerglass cooling towers.


FL-CTS is a 24 hour emergency response service and repair company. Our emergency crews can be dispatched within hours with the necessary tools, materials and equipment to handle any type of emergency situation.


FL-CTS employees have the experience to maintain all cooling tower components including:

  • Motors
  • Gear Boxes
  • Fan Assemblies
  • Shaft Alignment
  • Water Distribution Systems and
  • Fill Replacement
In addition, CTS provides:
  • Monthly Preventative Maintenance programs
  • Quarterly Preventative Maintenance programs, or
  • Yearly Preventative Maintenance programs

All programs are designed for your specific cooling tower needs.

PHE (Plate Heat Exchanger Cleaning)

We provide services to clean ALL Manufacturer's of PHE'S. We also can re-gasket your PHE'S.

Cooling Tower Filtration

We provice equipment and services for cooling tower filtration equipment. This includes installation of sweeper pipe, separators, sand filters, and other filtration equipment.


FL-CTS specializes in removing rust from cooling tower interiors, applying a two step polyurethane coating process that cures to form an elastomeric membrane which is impermeable to water and many aqueous alkaline or acid compositions.


  • FL-CTS Coating Warranty: 5-years.


FL-CTS pressure washing and cleaning of all interior and exterior components including cold water basins, fill media, hot water decks, nozzles, piping systems, and exterior casing.

Detailed Inspections & Evaluations

FL-CTS will visit your site and perform a thorough inspection of all the interior and exterior components of your cooling tower and provide a detailed inspection report. We can then provide you with a proposal outlining any necessary repairs.


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